14 Sep Superintendent’s Mailbag – Substitute teacher qualifications

Each week, the Clark County School District (CCSD) responds to some of the emails it receives from district employees, parents or community members. This week, the district responds to a community member’s inquiry about the qualifications of being a substitute teacher.

“How do I qualify to be a guest teacher (substitute) and what checks do I need to pass?”

In order to qualify to be a substitute teacher, applicants must have at least 60 college credits. Applicants must submit college transcripts showing degree or credits and list seven years of work experience and references.

During the pre-employment process, applicants will be fingerprinted by the CCSD Police Department. A $60 fee will be charged for the background check. After submitting fingerprints, applicants must then complete online training regarding classroom management, lesson plans, bullying and educational information on becoming substitute teachers. There is a $20 fee for the online training that grants a certificate for 21 hours of instruction.

Upon acceptance of pre-employment, applicants must apply for a substitute teaching license with the State of Nevada Department of Education which will cost $161 and is good for three years. Official transcripts are required when applying with the state.

For more information, please visit www.teach.vegas.