01 Nov State authorizes new streamlined teacher evaluation to be used by CCSD school-based administrators

The Nevada State Board of Education, at its Nov. 15 meeting, approved the Clark County School District’s use of the Teacher Alternate Summative Evaluation Rating Tool for the Nevada Educator Performance Framework.

The change simplifies the rating tool that’s used — this was one of the biggest requests made by principals and teachers to Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara during his listening tour.

The approved tool functions differently than the state tool in one area: The approved tool eliminates the duplication of written evidence on the part of school-based administrators.

“We’re grateful to the State Board of Education for approving our proposal, as this change means that instructional leaders in our schools will have more time to work alongside teachers through the coaching cycle to increase high-quality instruction with the ultimate goal of improved student learning,” said Dr. Brenda Larsen-Mitchell, CCSD’s chief instructional services officer.

Information and professional learning sessions for administrators on how to use the approved tool will begin in December 2018. Please e-mail Kim Mangino or Lisa Rustand for more information.