Policy and Regulation 4100

08 Feb Required video training aims to help protect students and staff

Helping to protect Clark County School District (CCSD) students and employees is the intent of a series of training videos developed for employees, coaches, volunteers, parents and students.

The videos are associated with Policy and Regulation 4100, which outlines acceptable relationships and communication between students, employees and coaches, including volunteers.

CCSD officials emphasized that the vast majority of CCSD employees are dedicated professionals who are committed to the safety of students. The videos are meant to help employees, coaches and volunteers set appropriate boundaries that protect them as well as students.

CCSD now has training videos for the following:


The videos that are specific to staff and parents discuss, among other things, the fingerprinting of volunteers who have regular or unsupervised contact with students, which is required by state law. Volunteers also must sign a form that acknowledges they are mandatory reporters in connection with child abuse.

All students, staff and coaches are required to watch the training video specific to their group by March 23, 2018. All videos are available to the public and can be viewed at www.ccsd.net/protectourkids.

Policy and Regulation 4100 was approved by the Board of School Trustees in the fall of 2017, based on recommendations from a community working group as well as input gathered during several public meetings. An online survey also provided input.

All information related to Policy and Regulation 4100 can be found at www.ccsd.net/protectourkids.