Yes, you can still participate. If you do not have a smartphone, we offer a web-based check-in portal where you can submit your daily check-ins. You can access that link at If an employee does not have access to technology, he/she should monitor his/her symptoms on a paper questionnaire at home. If the employee does not have access to technology outside of the worksite, and is not symptomatic, the employee may complete the emocha symptoms monitoring at the worksite immediately upon arrival.

We want to remind employees that health and safety are top priorities in CCSD. Employees can locate information on vaccinations, testing and COVID-19 tracking in the links below.

As part of Nevada’s Vaccination Program, all CCSD and charter school employees were previously invited to register to receive COVID-19 vaccinations through the Education Point of Dispensing (POD) hosted by the Nevada System of Higher Education(NSHE). Appointments are now open to all CCSD and charter school employees.

Appointments have been offered to all employees who registered through the portal provided to the Clark County School District, charter schools, and private schools. Questions should be directed to your school administrators or

The CCSD Risk Management Department has created a self-serve portal for entering your vaccinations results. Use this link to submit your COVID-19 Vaccination results. Once you enter your initial vaccination results you will be reminded to schedule your booster as well as directions to enter your booster into the vaccine portal.

As the Clark County School District (CCSD) moves closer to opening all of our campuses for hybrid instruction, the District is partnering with emocha Health to provide mandatory tool to track daily symptom monitoring required for all employees working on or off site.

Fulgent Genetics provides support with mandatory randomized testing of all District employees. The randomized testing will provide our school communities with healthy and safe learning environments.

BinaxNOW is partnering with the Clark County School District to provide symptom-based testing locations for staff at multiple locations throughout the valley. This testing is free for District employees.