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08 Feb CCSD implements School Performance Agreements

During the Jan. 25 meeting of the Board of School Trustees, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Mike Barton presented the trustees with an update on School Performance Agreements that they had previously approved in May, 2017.

During the presentation, Associate Superintendent Dr. Jeff Geihs, who supervises the Turnaround Zone (a non-geographic zone designed to treat the lowest performing schools that has successfully improved and exited 13 schools, to date) discussed how he was overseeing this locally-controlled process under the direction of Barton. The Academic Unit and the Turnaround Zone established target goals for schools to reach a 3-Star status (or higher) in three years.

What are School Performance Agreements?

School Performance Agreements are continuous improvement and accountability initiatives aimed at assisting the lowest-performing schools in the district while maintaining local control, local oversight and local monitoring by the Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees. The ultimate goal for these schools is to reach a 3-Star status in three years.

How are schools chosen for the School Performance Agreements?

The schools chosen for the School Performance Agreements were the lowest-performing schools on the Nevada Department of Education’s Rising Star Schools’ list. These schools account for the bottom five percent of schools in the state of Nevada based on the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) index scores.

How will these agreements impact schools?

These plans include directions and recommendations in leadership, climate and culture, instruction, curriculum, professional development and data and assessment. By supporting schools in developing actions around these major categories, the schools are positioned to make significant gains each year.

The schools that were selected for the agreements include:

  • William G. Bennett Elementary School
  • Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School
  • Ollie Detwiler Elementary School
  • Helen Herr Elementary School
  • Carroll M. Johnston Middle School
  • Matt Kelly Elementary School
  • Ann Lynch Elementary School
  • Jerome D. Mack Middle School
  • E. Manch Elementary School
  • Doris M. Reed Elementary School
  • Bertha Ronzone Elementary School
  • Hal Smith Elementary School
  • Robert Taylor Elementary School
  • Gene Ward Elementary School


How will these agreements impact employees?

With the assistance of the school associate superintendents, the school leadership team develops and implements a comprehensive plan to improve overall school success. The schools received progress-monitoring visits that assist them in developing actions towards their identified goals and adjusting actions to meet specific targets.

“I am so pleased that Dr. Barton had the foresight to realize local-controlled processes have a greater impact. I know all staff is pleased that our trustees supported this effort boldly!” said Geihs. “It is an honor to work with my colleagues to directly oversee a process that will cast a wider net beyond Turnaround creating a sense of urgency. “

The effort to improve student achievement applies to all schools in the district and especially those schools with School Performance Agreements or designations like Zoom or Victory Schools – regardless of where they are located.

This is evident with the inclusion of Bennett Elementary School in Laughlin. Even though the school is located in the southern tip of the county, Geihs and his team said all CCSD schools receive support to improve student achievement.  Bennett, along with other schools involved a School Performance Agreement, are receiving additional support and monitoring to help them implement a comprehensive plan.

Anyone who has questions regarding the School Performance Agreements can contact Geihs or Byron “BJ” Clayton via their CCSD Google email account.