11 Dec Former students who completed all credits may qualify to receive diploma

The Nevada Department of Education recently notified the Clark County School District that former students who earned all of their credits to fulfill the state of Nevada’s high school graduation requirements, but failed to graduate as a result of not passing one or more of the High School Proficiency Examinations, are now eligible to be considered a graduate.

This information came from NDE because the state sets graduation requirements, not individual school districts. Starting with the Class of 2017, Nevada students no longer take the High School Proficiency Examinations in order to earn a diploma.

Many former students are understandably eager to receive documentation of their high school completion. Given the high volume of requests anticipated, the district will at first issue revised transcripts indicating that a person has graduated from CCSD. Updated transcripts will not be issued through schools; instead all requests will go through CCSD’s Student Records Services for assessment and processing.

CCSD anticipates it will take at least 90 to 120 days to provide revised transcripts, as this decision likely will affect thousands of people who have attended CCSD high schools since 1982. CCSD will not charge for cost of the initial copy of the revised transcripts for those who are requesting a Proficiency Exemption Request. Once staff have reached a manageable level with respect to processing requests for transcripts, the district will develop a process for issuing ceremonial diplomas.

Since Oct. 20, CCSD’s Student Records Services has received approximately 1,400 “Proficiency Exemption Request” for updated transcripts. The department has also fielded over 600 phone calls this week.

The fastest and most efficient way to submit a “Proficiency Exemption Request” for updated transcripts is to do so online by visiting https://transcripts.ccsd.net (see below). If an individual does not have Internet access, a request can be submitted by visiting Student Records Services at 4260 Eucalyptus Ave., building B, Las Vegas, NV, 89121.

Steps to establish a Proficiency Exemption Request:

  1. Visit https://transcripts.ccsd.net. This website is available in both English and Spanish.
  2. Under “Who is making the record request?” select “I am an Individual.”
  3. Complete the required fields of the request form.
  4. In the “Records Requested” section, ONLY select “Proficiency Exemption Request.”
  5. After all required information has been filled in on the form, click “Submit Records Request” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. If an email was provided, the customer will receive automated email notifications regarding the progress of the request. This includes a reference number of the request.