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15 May Clark County School District statement on legal concerns regarding AB 394

The Clark County School District (CCSD) decided to dismiss the lawsuit filed in December 2016 to address the district’s concerns regarding AB 394 and the regulation to reorganize CCSD.

The CCSD Board of School Trustees issued the following statement:

“The passage of AB 469 resolves some of the legal concerns that we had about the reorganization of the Clark County School District. While we are asking legislators to make some corrections to the law in a trailer bill, we have been working hard to implement increased school autonomy for more than a year. We have created school-based budgets, established School Organizational Teams, trained central office employees on creating a service-focused culture, and we are executing other aspects of the reorganization with the goal of increasing student achievement.

“We will continue to work with legislators and the State Board of Education to make any adjustments necessary in the best interests of our students and staff.”

Trustees listed the following priorities for a potential trailer bill in the Legislature:

  • Funds for a new Human Capital Management System that would allow the district to be more transparent about central and school budgets, as well as where our employees work and what departments fund their salaries
  • Funds to support a weighted student funding formula for at-risk students who need more support
  • Flexibility on the percentage of and timeline for designating funds for schools