Chaparral High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Giusto

09 Oct Chaparral HS grads return to educate the next generation

To many people, a school is the cornerstone of the community. To countless Clark County School District alumni, giving back to the community means serving as teachers, administrators or support staff in the schools they attended as children.

Chaparral High School boasts approximately 8-10 former students who proudly serve on its staff, including Assistant Principal Jennifer Giusto.

Giusto spent most of her academic life around Chaparral, having attended schools zoned for the community at all levels, including a year at Jo Mackey during CCSD’s Sixth Grade Center Plan of Integration program.

From Harris Elementary to Woodbury Middle School, Giusto graduated from Chaparral in 1998 knowing she would be back as an educator.

“There was an open position at Chaparral, where I did my student teaching at too. I applied in 2003 and have been here ever since,” said Giusto. “There are people that need positive influences, and I want to be one of those positive influences.”

Giusto recalls growing up around Chaparral High School as a great experience – one that was full of excitement and lifelong friends.

That can be said of the many alumni that have returned to Chaparral, including a school police officer who was a student of Giusto’s, an English teacher who has been at Chaparral since 1991 and a science teacher who has been at the high school since Giusto was a junior.

“Chaparral just draws you back,” Giusto said. “It’s a great place!”