21 Apr Star Graduates 2020 – Ed W. Clark High School

Not only is Kano one of the most innately bright and hardworking students to grace the hallways of Clark High School, she is genuinely humble and kind. She loves learning for its own sake, rather than for any extrinsic rewards or accolades she receives. Her genuine and honest curiosity has led her to explore an eclectic set of interests: robotics, entrepreneurship, debate, visual arts, politics, poetry, and acting. When she’s not engaged in a lesson in class, Kano is researching an idea or skill on her own. Kano puts her own creative spin on everything she explores, and she comes to school ready to share what she’s learned and created with her classmates and teachers. To say that Kano is a model student is an understatement, she’s also a great teacher.

These attributes are all the more impressive in light of the personal adversity Kano has faced. She has helped her mother build a new life in a new country, start and manage a business, and weather financial setbacks. Kano works long hours each day helping manage her family’s business; she has been responsible for everything from navigating state licensure requirements, to keeping the books, to filing tax returns each year. Additionally, she has helped raise her younger brother and take care of her dad. Kano has faced more than her fair share of challenges and demands in her eighteen years, but she has handled them with the grace and wisdom of someone much older. Kano’s optimism, grit, humility, and curiosity are an inspiration to all Clark Chargers, and we have no doubt she will continue to  inspire anyone lucky enough to encounter her throughout her life.

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