23 May

Omaree Van Dyke has been a student at Eldorado High School for the past four years and has demonstrated a brilliant burst of personality since day one. Omaree has excelled in motivating others to care about Eldorado. He has been a leading light in our Sundevil Broadcast Network that he co-founded with one of our teachers who became his mentor. During our COVID year, Sundevil Broadcast Network helped many students feel connected to the school. There is not a student who walks the halls of Eldorado who does not know Omaree. He has a smile for everyone and he is always in the mood to volunteer. Like many of our students, Omaree has overcome family and financial challenges to graduate. This year Omaree made us all proud in the face of an unbelievable tragedy when we lost to illness the faculty member who created Sundevil Broadcast Network with Omaree. This required Omaree to step up in the midst of his grief to keep the other students focused on covering the tributes to his late mentor as well as keep reporting the other activities at the school. No student but Omaree could have done this. When the school needs a PSA, Omaree reads it. When the school needs someone to make morning announcements, it is Omaree. It will be hard to imagine Eldorado next year without its most famous student.

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