09 May Star Graduate – CSN HS East

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word student as a learner or scholar. Karissma Rodriguez encapsulates the definition of a student. Her thirst for knowledge is only outmatched by her desire to excel in all that she does. Karissma has overcome a great deal, especially over the past two years, yet through all of that, and the pandemic she has maintained a 4.5 GPA. Her determination and drive to graduate with her Associate’s degree ten days before she receives her high school diploma is unparalleled. In order to accomplish this goal, she is presently enrolled in 23 credit hours at CSN while concurrently taking her high school classes and working full time.

She is E-board Treasurer and has helped our student council fundraise thousands of dollars this school year. She was class leader for Metro’s Explorer’s Program, and upon graduation, she plans on working for Metro until she is 21 when she can enter the Police Academy. Her ultimate goal is to become a Narcotics Detective and eventually work for Interpol. On a personal level, Karissma is her namesake. She is extremely charismatic, kind, and caring. Her resiliency is to be admired as is her strength and determination.

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