Some CCSD school times to be adjusted due to unreasonable union demands

CCEA’s refusal impacts students and staff

LAS VEGAS – The Clark County School District (CCSD) is making adjustments to school start and end times at approximately 45 schools because CCEA, which serves as the bargaining unit for licensed educators, has refused to consider contract waivers (An avenue for schools to waive specific provisions of the negotiated agreement) for over six months without additional, unreasonable concessions by the District in the upcoming 2023–2025 Negotiated Agreement. Without the approximately 106 contract waivers approved for approximately 86 schools, some schools will be forced to change their schedules, reducing instruction time for those students and impacting families.

“Our students will bear the brunt of CCEA’s unreasonable demands, and learning loss will occur with reduced classroom time,” said Tod Story, Chief Communications Officer. “Should CCEA continue its bad faith, obstructionist tactics of refusing contract waivers, our licensed professionals at these schools will see a reduction in their work hours, which estimates show results in over $10 million less in pay. Our teachers and especially our students deserve better!”

With CCEA’s refusal to agree to continuing or establishing these contract waivers, student and staff schedules will be impacted. After six months of exhaustive attempts to work with CCEA to implement the process for approval of the contract waivers, CCEA continues to refuse to bargain in good faith–responding only with additional, unreasonable concession demands in the upcoming 2023–2025 Negotiated Agreement.

Approximately 45 schools will see a loss in instructional time. As a result, students in some of the most underserved communities will lose approximately 171,000 minutes of instructional time that the District planned to offer. Additionally, the changes will impact pay for over 3,000 staff at the impacted schools as the contract waivers provided additional incentives for the extended time worked.

A standard school schedule is six hours and 11 minutes. If a school’s administration changes its schedule, such as extending the school day to benefit students and/or staff, a contract waiver must be agreed to by CCEA for those changes to be implemented.

Administrators at impacted schools are messaging parents about the upcoming changes. Principals will follow up with additional messaging as school start and end times are finalized in the coming weeks.

See the list below of schools that will see a loss of instructional time.

Beckley Elementary School 

Brinley Middle School 

Cambeiro Elementary School 

Cortez Elementary School

Craig Elementary School

Crestwood Elementary School

Culley Elementary School

Dailey Elementary School

Detwiler Elementary School

Diaz Elementary School 

Ira J. Earl Elementary School

Edwards Elementary School

Fremont Middle School

Global Community High School

Herron Elementary School

Hewetson Elementary School

Hickey Elementary School

Katz Elementary School

Lunt Elementary School

Lynch Elementary School 

Martinez Elementary School

McWilliams Elementary School

Monaco Middle School

Moore Elementary School 

Orr Middle School 

Paradise Professional Development Elementary School

Park Elementary School 

Dean Petersen Elementary School

Pittman Elementary School

Robison Middle School

Ronzone Elementary School

Rowe Elementary School 

Sedway Middle School

Squires Elementary School

Stanford Elementary School

Tate Elementary School

Ruby S. Thomas Elementary School

Twin Lakes Elementary School

Von Tobel Middle School

Ward Elementary School

Warren Elementary School

Wengert Elementary School

West Prep Elementary School

West Prep High School

Tom Williams Elementary School