School district seeks volunteers to serve as mentors to students

CCSD is currently seeking positive role models to give our struggling students the tools and confidence they need in order to stay in school and successfully graduate.

Mentors serve as trusted and caring adults, and empower students by helping them gain self-esteem and confidence in and outside of the classroom. The requirement is simply one hour per week, but the impact lasts a lifetime — for the student and you.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Sam Diaz, a CCSD mentor, shares the value of giving back to students.

“As a young student, I never had a professional come into my school and ask me what I wanted to do in life,” Diaz says. “As a mentor, I care about what students want to accomplish in life and I am there to assist them anyway I can. Time is valuable and I strive to make an impact at every minute when I am mentoring.”

Mentors for elementary and middle school students

Elementary and middle school students at risk of dropping out of school need committed adults who can help guide them in the right direction. Mentors empower these students by helping them gain self-esteem and providing them with the tools to be successful in and outside of school.

Mentors for high school students

There are students who lack only a few requirements to graduate and need a trusted adviser to keep them on track. High school mentors serve as positive role models and give these students the tools and confidence they need to graduate.

Online and group mentoring

Online mentors communicate weekly with an individual student via email, encouraging students to work hard and stay in school. Group mentors collaborate and work with a number of mentors and students at the same time to facilitate positive group activities and lessons, as well as reach more students.

Contact the Clark County School District’s School-Community Partnership Program at or call 702-799-6560 for more information on mentoring.