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24 Sep CCSD to utilize adaptive assessment tool to provide equitable education

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is utilizing the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessment in schools in Kindergarten through Grade Nine for mathematics and English language arts (ELA), with the assessment for science taking place Grade Three through Grade Eight. The purpose of the MAP Growth assessment is to provide comprehensive, consistent data to guide and inform instruction in the classroom to enrich and accelerate students’ learning. The assessment tightly aligns with the Nevada Academic Content Standards in ELA, mathematics and science. MAP Growth also tracks each student’s progress over time and provides families with information focusing on their students’ learning and progress.

“Our teachers are our greatest resource in the classroom,” said CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara. “A strong relationship with an effective educator, along with data to inform students’ learning needs, is key to the growth of our students. Bringing national leaders to support our students will be a game changer for our children,” he added.

In an effort to accelerate the work, 90 identified CCSD schools will have the opportunity to participate in the NWEA Partnership, which includes NWEA, Achievement Network, and Khan Academy.

“We believe in empowering teachers with tools and resources that help take their instruction to the next level,” said Chris Minnich, CEO of NWEA. “By using MAP Growth assessment results connected to Khan instructional resources, along with strong coaching from the Achievement Network, teachers can more precisely target instructional interventions that accelerate achievement, and that will be a game changer for students in Clark County,” he added. “We applaud the bold leadership of the Clark County School Board of Trustees and Superintendent for providing resources and supports for classroom teachers, who have the biggest impact on students every day.”

This partnership will provide job-embedded coaching for educators and customized, professional learning in the 90 identified CCSD schools to promote the utilization of MAP Growth data to guide and inform instruction to increase student achievement. The CCSD Board of Trustees approved the partnership at the September 12, 2019, board meeting.

“I am always in awe of the amazing work that teachers do day-in and day-out with students. That is why we work with teachers to create resources for them to make their lives easier and help accelerate their students’ outcomes,” said Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. “The goal of this partnership is to put powerful tools in the hands of teachers so they can address the specific needs of each student with personalized practice.

The support provided through the NWEA Partnership, a non-profit organization focused on educator and student growth, aligns with the goals of CCSD’s five-year strategic plan, Focus: 2024, including:

  • Increasing student achievement

  • Decreasing proficiency gaps

  • Increasing access and equity to rigorous curriculum and instruction for all students


“Teachers and principals consistently tell us that access to quality professional learning is key to ensuring they continue to be strong educational leaders in their schools,” said Mora Segal, CEO of Achievement Network. “Through this partnership, Clark County’s educators will get the support they need to do the thing they love most: focus on great instruction.”

Through this partnership, a systems approach for continuous school improvement will be implemented with a focus on data analysis informing next steps of student learning and the alignment of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment to promote increased achievement.

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