CCSD reaches tentative contract agreement with ESEA and Teamsters Local 14

Board to review tentative contract at board meeting this week

LAS VEGAS – The Clark County School District (CCSD) has reached a tentative agreement with the Education Support Employees Association (ESEA) and Teamsters Local 14. The contract will be reviewed by the Board of School Trustees at the August 4 special board meeting. The ESEA and Teamsters Local 14 will also need to put the agreement to a vote by its members.

“The Board of School Trustees and I are encouraged to see the collaborative approach between our Support Professionals and the District,” said CCSD Board of School Trustees President Evelyn Garcia Morales. “We appreciate ESEA’s partnership as we all work to compensate our Support Professionals as our focus remains on student success. The Board looks forward to reviewing the agreement at an upcoming meeting, and we hope employees feel the increases reflect the critical roles they serve in schools.”

ESEA represents CCSD Support Professionals, including bus drivers, Specialized Programs Teacher Assistants (SPTA), custodians, food service workers, skilled trades, facilities maintenance, landscaping and office staff.

“Our support professionals are integral to educating and preparing our students academically for their futures. Without them, we could not accomplish our purpose, and I am thrilled to close this contract prior to the start of school on August 7,” said Superintendent Jesus F. Jara. “We appreciate the leadership at ESEA and Teamsters Local 14 for their good-faith efforts to close this contract as we work together to take care of our employees and their families. This agreement is a reflection of the continued efforts of the District and ESEA to ensure the hard work of our Support Professionals is reflected in their compensation and benefits.”

The tentative agreement is the result of months of negotiations. The tentative contract agreement with ESEA for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years includes:

  • $15 per hour minimum for all support professional positions
  • Salary scale increase: Year one: 8.65% increase in compensation (inclusive of the 1.875% increase that was already provided as of July 1, 2023) plus one-step advancement on the salary schedule; Year two: 2% salary increase plus one-step advancement on salary schedule.
  • Healthcare increase: Year one 15% increase to CCSD’s contribution; Year two increase of 5%
  • Various internal compensation adjustments
  • We will negotiate a separate agreement regarding the available monies allocated in SB 231.

“ESEA and Teamsters Local 14 will bring this tentative agreement to our members, who are an important link to our students’ education, for a ratification vote. Negotiations are never easy, but we believe this agreement provides important steps in the recruitment and retention of support professionals,” said Jan Giles, ESEA President. “We look to the state legislature to continue funding education. It’s our intention to further increase support professional’s salaries and benefits as additional funding becomes available.”

“This agreement is an example of our continuing efforts over the last several years in partnership with the ESEA to advance positive changes to the overall culture and working conditions at the District,” said Fred Horvath, Principal Officer of Local 14. “This is the first time a tentative agreement has been reached before the school year begins in approximately twenty years, and we look forward to presenting it to our membership for ratification very soon.”

The District continues to negotiate with the other three bargaining units that represent CCSD employees, including the Clark County Education Association (CCEA), the Police Officers Association (POA) of the Clark County School District, and the Police Administrators Association (PAA) of the Clark County School District. CCSD reached a tentative agreement with the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-Technical Employees (CCASAPE) on Wednesday.

Agreements with all bargaining units address employee pay, benefits, and professional development opportunities in support of student academic success.