CCSD seeks restraining order to stop coordinated sickouts

Only way to prevent severe, irreparable harm to students and families

LAS VEGAS – Today, the Clark County School District (CCSD) submitted an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to stop the continuance of a strike by licensed educators represented by CCEA.

The actions of licensed educators have forced the closure of three CCSD schools and severely disrupted the operations of two additional schools through a targeted and coordinated rolling-sickout strike.

This motion follows the August 22, 2023, hearing and ensuing order on August 25, where the Court held that “[a]lthough the Court is concerned about certain statements made by the Defendants, at this point in time, the Court finds that it has insufficient evidence that a strike will occur within the meaning of the statute.” The court invited the District to renew its Motion and agreed to hear arguments on a renewed motion within one judicial day “[s]hould additional actions by the Defendants result in further evidence of a strike or threat of strike.”

The District decided to file the motion due to the escalating nature of the rolling sickouts that have been reported starting September 1, as there is no indication that they will cease without court intervention and injunctive relief.

To view a copy of the motion submitted, click here.