CCSD Licensed Personnel Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are provided to clarify inaccurate information regarding CCSD’s contract proposal for licensed personnel

  1. Question: Who will receive an 8.5% salary increase?

Answer: All licensed personnel will receive the 8.5% salary increase, whether or not they receive an increase under the one-time lookback.

  1. Question: What is the proposed lookback?

Answer: CCSD has proposed a new Professional Services Table (“PST”), or salary schedule, that would go into effect upon signing the contract. In 2023-2024 all eligible personnel would receive a step increase, column moves, and differentiated pay increase under the old PST and then be placed on the new PST at their then-current salary. In 2024-25, CCSD would do a one-time lookback for licensed personnel hired after August 16, 2016, and place those licensed personnel to match their years of experience and degrees. Licensed personnel who are not part of the one-time lookback will still receive salary increases, and all eligible personnel will receive a step and column increase in 2024-25.

  1. Question: Why was the proposed lookback set to August 16, 2016?

Answer: CCSD originally proposed to conduct the one-time look back for all licensed personnel.  CCEA argued that the lookback should be limited to the start of the current PST in the 2016-2017 school year, as licensed personnel placed prior to that were properly placed based on their years of experience and degrees. CCSD accepted the CCEA’s argument and agreed to limit the one-time look back to August 16, 2016.

  1. Question: Will any licensed personnel receive a pay cut on the new PST?

Answer: No licensed personnel will receive a pay cut in their placement in the new PST.

  1. Question: What Professional Growth System (PGS) options will be considered on the new salary schedule?

Answer: PGS remains available for advancement. Licensed personnel with an employment start date after August 16, 2016, will be eligible to be placed based on current education level and years of experience under CCSD’s proposed salary table. Educators starting after August 16, 2016, who have also advanced in columns or steps from the previous salary schedule, will be placed appropriately to match the new salary schedule.

  1. Question: Can educators still obtain a step increase after 15 years of service?

Answer: Consistent with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, all eligible licensed personnel will receive step increases. Under the current agreement, any personnel at the bottom of a column will move to the next column and step at the value of a step increase (~$1,500).

  1. Question: Who will be required to work additional hours?

Answer: CCSD proposes identifying schools that previously approved waivers for the additional 19 minutes of work and paying the licensed personnel for those additional minutes at their contracted hourly rates. Additionally, other schools within the District may be identified in the future.

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  1. Question: What was the PERS salary reduction that started in July?

Answer: On May 26, 2023, Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System (NV PERS) issued an Increase in Retirement Contributions memo to notify all state employees about the increase in retirement contributions. This 1.875% increase decreased employees’ paychecks for licensed personnel since their bargaining unit refused the CCSD proposal to provide an increase at that time in lieu of a future pay increase.

Effective July 1, 2023, the regular PERS contribution rate for covered employees will increase by 3.75 percent, from 29.75 percent to 33.50 percent. By law, the employees’ share is one-half of that cost (1.875 percent). This PERS increase is consistent with prior years.

  1. Question: How will the funds in SB231 be distributed within the District? How are other school districts using their portion of the funds?

Answer: The Clark County School District is committed to using all available funding via Senate Bill 231 for its intended purposes–to pay our educators and staff above and beyond the agreements negotiated this year. However, the funding in this bill expires June 30, 2025, and the District cannot commit funding under SB231 past June 30, 2025. Carson City, Lyon, Humboldt, Nye, and White Pine counties have similar agreements with their unions.

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  1. Question: Will educators need to earn a Ph.D. moving forward to receive a raise?

Answer: No. The proposed salary table is to initially place licensed personnel and then allow movement through steps and the Professional Growth System consistent with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  1. Question: How many educators have a Ph.D?

Answer: This information is not currently available. As part of the review of licensed personnel under CCSD’s proposal, we will gather this information for that group of employees.

  1. Question: Are licensed educators currently working without a contract?

Answer: No. The 2022-2023 contract continues until a new agreement replaces it.

  1. Question: When will administrators receive their raises?

Answer: CCSD and Clark County School District and the Association of School Administrators and Professional-technical Employees (CCASAPE) agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement through negotiations. On August 4, 2023, the Board of School Trustees approved the 2023–2025 Negotiated Agreement between the CCSD and CCASAPE. CCASAPE ratified the contract on August 2, 2023.

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  1. Question: Under the proposed salary schedule, how do I find my placement?

Answer: For those hired after August 16, 2016, access the Proposed Salary Schedule. In the first column, take your current years of experience to the corresponding step (down 1-15). Then, with your current Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D., move right to the corresponding column. That will be your new salary.