CCSD expands health options for employees

The Clark County School District (CCSD) will contract to provide access to multiple Wellness Centers for employees covered by the District’s health insurance plan. 

The access, which is in addition to the existing insurance benefits, is available to members of the Education Support Employees Association (ESEA), Police Officers Association (POA), and the Police Administrators Association (PAA). The Wellness Centers will provide high-quality primary care medical services for our covered employees at no cost.

As part of the agreement with Vera Whole Health, Inc., covered employees and their eligible dependents over 3 years old will gain access to the company’s existing wellness centers in Summerlin and Green Valley. Additionally, Vera has expressed a commitment to expanding in other areas to meet the needs of CCSD employees.

“We know the importance of health benefits for our employees and their families, and the District is always looking for ways to provide more benefits for all our employees,” CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara said. “This agreement allows us to offer covered employees premier health services without cost, so they focus on educating our children and leading happier, healthier lives.”

The Teamsters Local 14 was instrumental in the establishment of this plan and the District looks forward to partnering with them and the other bargaining units for a successful implementation of the wellness centers.

Through the Wellness Centers, employees can access preventative care, acute care, chronic disease management, health coaching and other services.  The Wellness Centers will also assist employees with scheduling specialty services through traditional insurance plans. 

The agreement, which was approved by the CCSD Board of School Trustees on January 26, 2023, outlines an initial three-year term with a possible extension of two years. The service will cost CCSD approximately $1.4 million per year and is being funded by the District’s general fund.