CCSD Board of School Trustees meeting recap, Sept. 8, 2022

Agenda Item 3.01 – Focus: 2024 Strategic Plan Update — Student Discipline

The Clark County (CCSD) School District Board of School Trustees received a presentation about the District’s efforts on student discipline.

The information provided to Trustees included challenges, successes and lessons learned about student discipline.

Challenges include quarter 3 and 4 history, disproportionality and major disciplinary infractions

Successes include external stakeholder collaboration from:

  • My Brother’s Keeper

  • The Harbor

  • Young Men’s Conference

  • Young Women’s Conference

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Agenda Item 4.02 – Notice of Intent – Clark County School District Regulation 2130

Trustees were presented with information and discussed proposed Regulation 2130. The regulation involves District Organization and outlines site-based decision making in order to comply with state law and regulations.

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