CCSD Board of School Trustees meeting recap, Aug. 27

Agenda Item 6.02 – Legislative Bill Drafts

CCSD Board of School Trustees voted to move forward with its legislative bill drafts for the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session ahead of the September 1 deadline to submit to the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

The two bill drafts to be submitted on behalf of CCSD will focus on:

  • Internet connectivity for kids

    • Proposed legislation would seek to provide funding to connect all Nevada’s K-12 schools, technical colleges, institutions of higher education, public libraries, community and recreational centers and healthcare providers throughout the state.

    • The goal is to improve connectivity for students throughout the state.


  • Prioritizing staff efficiency

    • Proposed legislation would seek to remove unfunded mandates, duplicative reports, and other requirements that take away from the classroom.

    • Examples include: State mandated tests, body mass index testing, integrated pest control management, remove requirement for amended final budget and adjust timeline.


Additionally, the Board of School Trustees directed staff to work on forming partnerships and pursuing fundraising opportunities to increase mental health programs and support for students and employees.

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Agenda Item 3.01 – Focus: 2024 – Strategic Plan Update

CCSD Board of School Trustees received an update on the progress of Focus: 2024’s Priority Area – Parent and Community Support.

The Priority Area focuses to:

  • Leverage internal resources to help parents/guardians support student achievement and attendance

  • Secure strategic external resources and community partners

  • Improve trust in and perception of the Clark County School District

In the 2019-20 school year, CCSD surpassed many of its goals aligned to the Priority Area including seeing an increase in the number of participants at CCSD’s University of Family Learning “On the Go” evening sessions for parents.

The District also saw an increase in positive news stories, social media followers and in national stories related to CCSD.

CCSD also surpassed its 2019-20 school year goal to add new community mentors trained to support students, the number of schools adopted by community partners also increased as well as the number of new major community partnerships to support the strategic plan.

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Agenda Item 7.01 – Superintendent Communications

Superintendent Jara provided a brief overview of the first week of school and thanked the entire CCSD team for their hard work and dedication, pointing out that licensed professionals, support professionals and administrators made Distance Education possible.

He also recognized the efforts of the ConnectingKidsNV campaign and the volunteers at the Family Support Center.

Superintendent Jara welcomed Deborah Thaggard as the new principal of

Roy W. Martin Middle School, and Marissa Rasavong, as the new principal of Aggie Roberts Elementary School.