CCSD Board of School Trustees meeting recap, Dec. 9

Agenda item 5.02 – 2021-2022 Amended Final Budget 

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees approved the amended final budget that will be submitted to the State of Nevada ahead of the January 1, 2022 deadline.

The general operating budget includes total expenditures of approximately $2.9 billion and an ending fund balance of $250.3 million. The approved budget includes a projected 4% unassigned ending fund balance of $114.6 million. Approximately 82 percent of the general operating fund dollars included in the budget are spent on employee salaries and benefits.

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Agenda item 5.01 – Transfer of Responsibilities 

Trustees approved the transfer of various responsibilities between schools and the CCSD Central Office. The following changes were approved:

  • English Language Learner Placement Testing Personnel services transferred from the central office to schools without a requirement to purchase services from the District under a service level agreement.

  • Utilities and Trash Disposal transferred from schools to the central office along with the creation of an energy conservation rebate program.

  • Rural school principals will be given the opportunity to accept responsibility for landscaping without a service level agreement.

  • All remaining responsibilities listed in the supplemental document currently transferred to schools under a service level agreement from schools will return to the central office.


The changes bring CCSD into compliance with NAC 388G.

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