CCSD Board of School Trustees June 24 meeting recap

Agenda Item 5.04 – Anti-Racism Policy Development Work

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees received an update on the development work of an anti-racism policy.

The District has had individuals and organizations express interest in taking part in the development of an anti-racism policy. Twenty-five individuals will serve on the formal external taskforce.

Part of the criteria for external task force participation includes:

  • Equitable, inclusive and diverse representation

  • Experience and expertise

  • Community involvement and impact


Additionally, the public can follow the progress of the work of the proposed policy online by visiting

The Board will continue to receive updates on the policy at future public board meetings.

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Agenda Item 5.02 – Resolution 2021 Secure Storage Notification

Trustees approved a resolution indicating that evidence strongly suggests that secure firearm storage is an essential component to any effective strategy to keep schools and students safe.

Additionally, the resolution indicates that research shows that secure firearm storage practices are associated with up to an 85 percent reduction in the risk of self-inflicted and unintentional firearm injuries among children and teens.

“This resolution is crucial in helping to protect our children,” said CCSD Board President Linda P. Cavazos. “Thanks to this resolution, adults will be reminded about the importance of secure storage during the school registration process. I am confident that this will make a difference for the safety and wellbeing of our kids.”

The resolution also has the Board direct the creation of an appropriate letter, in English and Spanish, to parents and guardians that explains the importance of secure gun storage and the responsibility to protect minors from accessing irresponsibly stored guns, to be included in annual registration materials at each school site and to be included in the acknowledgement of all registration materials. It has the District continue to work with local law enforcement agencies, health agencies and nonprofits to collaborate and increase efforts to inform District parents of their responsibilities regarding secure storage of firearms in their homes.

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Agenda Item 5.01 – Leadership Pipeline for Instructional Educators

Trustees received a presentation from members of the Leadership and Professional Learning Division on efforts made toward equity-centered leadership. A Focus: 2024 imperative is to ensure all students have access to highly effective teachers, principals and school staff.

The presentation outlined three levels of support that the District has established in order to meet the stated Focus: 2024 goal. The levels of support include:

  • Professional Induction

  • Professional Learning

    • Required for aspiring and current administrators

  • Leadership Development

As stated in the presentation, highly effective teachers, leaders and staff have a direct impact on student success in the areas of achievement in core content areas, achievement gaps, access and equity as well as safety and engagement.

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