4 CCSD Police Department officers earn Motor Officer Certification

4 CCSD Police Department officers earn Motor Officer Certification

Four officers from the Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) are ready to hit the road as part of the CCSDPD Traffic Unit after graduating from Motor School Thursday.

Officers Andrew Craft, Jason Martin, Dream Stone and Tony Thalman were among a class of 12 police officers from various local law enforcement agencies who completed the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Motor School. Officers from throughout Southern Nevada taking part in the course learn techniques for enforcing traffic laws as well as defensive and riding skills to keep them safe on the job.

With their certifications, the 4 officers are now eligible to join the CCSDPD Traffic Unit which enforces traffic laws in and around school zones to protect the students of the Clark County School District on their way to and from campus. 

“As of mid-November, we have 44 students who have been struck by motor vehicles on their way to or from school, a 29 percent increase from last year,” CCSDPD Lt. Michael Campbell said. “In order to lower these incidents from continuing to occur, we need more officers visible in more places. Officer presence is proven to have an immediate effect on negative driving behaviors.  In order to do this, we need these specially trained officers who have a passion for traffic safety.”  

Throughout the four-week course, the officers experienced extensive training that included navigating their motorcycles through obstacle courses consisting of 393 cones to demonstrate bike control. One of the tests is affectionately known as Pinball Alley and taught the trainees about the importance of knowing their motorcycle’s dimensions and capabilities.

“There was a tremendous learning curve for every one of the officers in the class, and a fair share of teachable moments for us all.” CCSDPD Officer Andrew Craft said. “I left Motor School with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and am eager to continue making our streets safe for the students of CCSD and the entire community.”

The CCSD Police Department reminds drivers to give themselves plenty of time to get to their destination in order to avoid speeding. Officers urge drivers to plan and familiarize themselves with their route to avoid being distracted while driving. Additionally, police remind motorists never to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when under the influence and lastly treat every child on the roadway as one of your own.