01 Mar VTCTA receives assistance from community partner

Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy’s (VTCTA) 911 Dispatch program is receiving professional support thanks to TriTech Software Systems, the academy’s dispatch software provider.

It was announced during TriTech’s annual training conference that VTCTA will receive the official software that emergency dispatch centers use to manage calls from citizens.

“Veterans Tribute is the first high school in the country that we have heard of that has a program focused on public safety,” said Scott MacDonald, vice president of market development for TriTech. “We felt it is important to help support and prepare the next generation of emergency responders.”

The 911 Emergency Dispatch program has 85 students enrolled for the 2016-17 school year.

As seniors, students have the opportunity to become certified with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch as an Emergency Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Fire Dispatcher and Emergency Police Dispatcher.

Students enrolled in the program use the nation’s largest 911 call center training simulator and are instructed in law enforcement, fire/rescue and medical call taking and dispatching.

“In the program’s courses, students learn civil and criminal law, communication skills (phone and radio), crisis intervention, event preparation, use of community and agency resources, stress management and employability skills,” said 911 Telecommunications Instructor Lori Henricksen.

VTCTA will also receive software for its law enforcement program and professional support from TriTech.

“We are donating thousands of hours from our employees. We have over 500 employees who have pledged time over the coming years to help maintain the school’s servers, train students on the systems and offer analysis services,” MacDonald said. “We envision our partnership to grow and extend well into the future.”

On top of the software addition and upgrade, TriTech will coordinate with VTCTA to identify two students for scholarships worth $5,000.

“We’re honored by this partnership and honored to work with these students who, in our experience, set themselves apart by virtue of their desire and commitment to public safety,” said MacDonald. “This allows us to focus on next-generation technology and the education of future practitioners of public safety in the U.S.”