Trustees approve new social-emotional platform tool focused on well-being of students, employees

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of Panorama Education’s data platform providing schools with another tool to monitor the well-being of students and staff.


Trustees had a discussion about the Panorama Education data platform indicating this is an investment and starting point to further pursue sustainable options to provide students with proper social-emotional learning and resources in an effective way. They reiterated the importance of continuing to increase the support through the work of dedicated professionals in this area.

Panorama Education partners work with over 1,500 school districts across the country, including the Washoe County School District and the Nevada Department of Education, to collect, analyze, and assist educators to improve student outcomes in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), school climate, family engagement, and Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

CCSD will utilize Panorama’s universal SEL and well-being screener for students in Grades 3-12, as well as CCSD staff. 

Data from CCSD assessments will be available to schools within 24 hours of completion. Panorama Education will provide baseline data from districts across the country, enabling CCSD staff to provide early interventions and tiered supports for students when necessary.


In a message to all staff the day after the Board approved the platform tool, Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara said he had the honor of teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Biology classes for Preethi Mathew at Sierra Vista High School.

“It continues to be evident to me that our employees are working extremely hard to meet the needs of our students during full-time distance education,” Dr. Jara wrote. “As we have redesigned instruction and processes to support students’ social-emotional wellbeing, I understand the toll this is taking on you as you continue to ensure that our students are at the center of our work. So, thank you for your efforts.”

Dr. Jara added that the tool “may help us understand your challenges a little further so that we can work together to provide the support and assistance you need. We worked alongside the leadership of all bargaining units regarding a social-emotional wellness survey available to all staff.

“The Panorama Education staff survey items are intended to identify baseline data and assistance for our employees. The survey items are based on the following categories: staff wellbeing, sense of belonging, and staff-leadership relationships.

  • All employees are invited to participate in the survey beginning on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020, through Jan. 29, 2021.
  • All employees will receive the survey through their Google email address from Panorama Education.
  • If you do not feel comfortable answering a specific item(s), please skip the item(s).
  • The survey is optional for all employees; responses are not attributable to individual employees but are reported as an aggregate to inform us of staff needs in general.”

Click here to learn more about the Panorama Education Staff Survey.

Funding for the platform tool is provided by the State of Nevada through the Assembly Bill 3 Block Grant and the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund to target mental health supports.

Click here to view the Board document related to the social-emotional platform tool.