Statement from CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara regarding Community Schools initiative signature submission

“While we recognize the need for improved educational outcomes across Nevada, these adult-centered distractions continue to harm our children. Should communities choose to secede from the Clark County School District, they will increase taxpayer costs by expanding government bureaucracies. Dismantling the economies of scale achieved by CCSD will raise the costs of educating all children and further exacerbate the inequities impacting our neediest children and violate their rights.

If anything is to change, Nevada must provide more funding and academic rigor to improve educational outcomes. Pointing fingers at CCSD and calling for its breakup is an easy populist talking point. Educating our students adequately requires an honest, reasoned, equitable, accountable, and sustainable strategy supported with optimal funding for the new pupil-centered funding formula to produce outcomes other than Nevada’s current 49th in the nation funding levels. This initiative achieves none of these.”