12 May Star Graduates 2021 – Morris Sunset East

It is with tremendous pride that Morris Sunset East High School acknowledges Emilio Rocha as a “Class of 2021 CCSD Star Graduate.” Emilio demonstrated substantial growth, maturity, and drive as a student. Emilio was not on a college-bound path when he entered high school, but quickly adjusted his perspective as he experienced high school. Emilio discovered his aptitude and passion for academics, once he realized his potential to learn was only limited by the choices he makes. Emilio opted to follow an accelerated pathway to not only graduate high school early, but to become the first in his family to pursue attending college.

Emilio is an outstanding student who exemplifies what it means to self-monitor his learning process and metacognition to extend his learning. He strives to understand content and make connections to real-world applications. Emilio is a student leader who is always willing to help others. He also serves as a role model not only for other students, but also for his family, especially his younger brother. Congratulations, Emilio!

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