18 May Star Graduates 2021 – Clark

Meliyah is a student who exceeds expectations and works hard to achieve her goals. As the president of both our school’s IBCA (International Black Culture Association) and Educators Rising clubs, Meliyah is a leader on campus and an advocate for her peers. Meliyah is also active in promoting and inspiring school spirit as a member of our school’s varsity cheerleading team, our student council and KEEN Club. On top of all that, Meliyah has contributed to her school community, held a job, and still tackled rigorous coursework in her magnet program. Her last four years as an exemplary student in the TEACH Academy are marked by her continued leadership, dedication, and praise from her teachers. Meliyah can always be counted on to take the lead and support her peers. She excels in helping others find their purpose and approaches everyone with kindness and a giving heart. Meliyah has received a full ride scholarship to Emory University where she plans on pursuing a degree in Psychology.

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