03 May Star Graduates 2021 – Centennial

Sungryu Cho is hardworking, determined, and open-minded. Immigrating from Japan to America has been a challenge for her; not only has Sungryu overcome the obstacles, she has mastered both English and Japanese (receiving a 5 on her AP test) and will receive the Seal of Biliteracy on her diploma distinguishing her mastery of 2 languages. Sungryu has taken the most rigorous courses offered at Centennial High School and has risen to the challenge; by the end of this school year, she will have completed 8 AP courses and 1 college-level English course. She is in the top 2% of her graduating class. Sungryu is currently the president of the Japanese club and dedicates at least 2 hours weekly to the club and cultural outreach. In addition to the Japanese Club, Sungryu is the Vice President for Key Club. In wanting to prepare for her career as a future diplomat working in international relations, Sungryu has started working on her own website to release and review articles on the many international issues facing people today.

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