19 May Star Graduates 2020 – LVA

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Star Graduate, Airius Fa’afiu, uses her artistic talents to benefit Las Vegas with community service and starting her own business. As a 2D design major, Airius uses a combination of media in my art. She plans to attend UNLV Honors College in the fall, majoring in Biological Sciences.

One of her most successful accomplishments was managing a significant community service project this year. “I had always had the idea to collaborate with homeless artists and hold an art gallery to give back to the artists. “Home is Where The Art is” was a success as we held a gallery of about 20 artworks. We sold all of the pieces earning over $1000 and received numerous donations of food and clothing. The project was later recognized by PublicServiceNV with a Gratitude Award in the category of Human Kindness.”

Maintaining a 4.7 weighted GPA, Airius explained a recurring challenge she faces is balancing good grades in rigorous courses, growing a successful business in her art brand, community service, household responsibilities, and maintaining a healthy emotional and physical lifestyle. She is supported by a great system of friends and family that helps her to keep balance.

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