Star Graduates 2019 – Valley

Star Graduates 2019 – Valley

Star Graduate Madhavi Mirpuri came and toured Valley High School over the summer with her family, she was trying to decide on which International Baccalaureate school in Las Vegas to attend. Madhavi’s dream is to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, so her family moved from India to Las Vegas to make this a reality for her.

Madhavi attended an IB school in India. She selected Valley High School because of its legacy of being the most established IB program in Nevada with 40 years of experience. Even though Madhavi was a high achieving student, many of her credits did not transfer from the IB school in India to meet the Clark County School District’s graduation requirements.

This meant she would have to make up US history, world history and health via APEX classes, on top of taking a seven-period schedule of all IB classwork and the heavy load that requires. Additionally, she also had to complete many of the junior year IB requirements that did not transfer over.

While managing the classwork of seven IB classes and making up three classes on APEX on her own time, Madhavi was also helping to care for her mother at home who suffers from chronic migraines and looking after her 3-year-old brother. She had to do this a majority of the year without her father at home, who was back in India caring for her grandfather who was very ill.

The one thing that stands out about Madhavi is that despite the challenges of school and home, she never once complained or made excuses. Madhavi consistently turned in high quality work on time, and outperform her peers a majority of the time. We feel lucky to have met Madhavi and to call her a Valley IB graduate

She will be attending UNLV Honors College in the fall to study biology.

Congratulations to Star Graduate Madhavi Mirpuri of Valley High School!

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