Sierra Vista HS Star Graduate Angel Garcia

02 Apr Star Graduates 2019 – Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista High School would like to nominate Angel Garcia as our Star Graduate. When Angel arrived as a freshman, he was extremely distant and would not say a word to anyone. His demeanor came across as a student who was angry and disrespectful to adults. As our staff learned more about Angel, and worked with him to overcome this demeanor, we learned that Angel had experienced trauma as a young boy, and he was actually a loving and kind young man. Several years later, Angel was adopted by a wonderful man named Juan.

Juan worked very closely with our staff, and would beg us to not give up on him. As time passed, Angel built trust with many staff members, yet continued to shy away from personal interactions and relationships. These emotional barriers made it difficult for Angel to manage schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and family responsibilities.

We are proud to say that Angel is now a different person. He has used his past to become a resilient young man, and has proven himself to our entire Sierra Vista community. Angel’s grades increased each year, and our school community rallied around him. This fragile boy has now blossomed into a highly productive student and we have high hopes for his future. Angel will be graduating just shy of a 3.0 GPA, and will enter the workforce and the College of Southern Nevada, following graduation.

We are so proud of this young man’s progress and truly believe that Angel Garcia is a Star Graduate from our school.

Congratulations to Star Graduate Angel Garcia of Sierra Vista High School!

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