CSNHS East Star Graduate McKenzie Carmichael

14 May Star Graduates 2019 – CSNHS East

McKenzie Carmichael is graduating from College of Southern Nevada High School East with 44 college credits and a perfect 4.0 college and high school grade point average. Her peers nominated McKenzie as the school’s Student of the Year, and one student stated how exceptional she is, because of both her intellect and her altruism.

Even though McKenzie lives with a life altering disease, she is unshakably optimistic. She takes handfuls of medications with side effects worse than the symptoms of her disease, yet she knows they keep her alive. Many would struggle with this, but not McKenzie.

She chooses to be positive, consistently keeps a smile on her face and joy in her heart, and while she spends much of her free time studying, she also finds time to bake. Not brownie-from-a-box baking–layered cakes, stuffed cupcakes and gooey, chocolate chip cookies baking! She makes sheet cakes for other students, and watches with delight while they all enjoy her masterpieces.

McKenzie’s goal of becoming a doctor is truly attainable. And we are sure she will give the best care to her patients. McKenzie has had major challenges and will have more, including medical school, but she prides herself in making it through the tough times. McKenzie believes it is possible for great outcomes to arise from the darkest of times.

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