20 May

Elijah Kennard is a caring, intelligent, and integral part of the clubs and groups he associates with. Being president of the Dungeons and Dragons club, Elijah serves as a model to the people around him. His passionate optimism toward art and creative writing acts in a way that shows an open attitude and willingness to always improve. He takes all the time he can to listen and respect those around him, all in the hopes of helping them celebrate the best parts of themselves, and equally accept the parts where they struggle. He takes this into account with his own struggles, and after an attempted suicide, he tries everything he can to find meaning in the world around him. Elijah strives to stand tall as an inspiration to anyone struggling, with mental illness or not. He believes everyone needs someone to lean on and to help them feel safe. Elijah hopes to join the psychology field as a psychotherapist, seeing the value in supporting others through emotional validity and therapeutic medicine. Anyone around him deserves to be treated with love and respect, and Elijah Kennard does all he can to emulate compassion towards everyone, even if he’ll only meet them once.

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