04 May

Miyan Adkins has attended Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD (NVLA) since sixth grade. Miyan was one of the first members of the middle school student council and is currently the Student Body President for the high school council. In this role, she developed the student council website and works diligently to host activities for the student body; most notably, this year NVLA hosted its very first prom.

Furthermore, Miyan is also a member of the National Honor Society which provides the option to delve into various community service opportunities. The mindset of service is pivotal to her, so she served with the organization known as EnGin which provides students the opportunities to work with international students via technology in places, such as Ukraine helping them to learn the English language. This service opportunity helped Miyan to develop an understanding and empathy for different cultures.

This was all before the current war, of course. In short, Miyan will continue her education in the fall and it is obvious that community service will continue to be a focus in anything she does.

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