Bonanza HS Star Graduate Iris Thaoxaochay

16 Apr Star Graduate 2019 – Bonanza

Iris Thaoxaochay is a high-achieving scholar at Bonanza High School. Every single summer, beginning with the transitional summer following her eighth-grade year, Iris would contact her counselor to inquire if any new Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been added in which she could enroll. Iris was instrumental in establishing a tutoring program at Bonanza, and spent many hours tutoring not only underclassmen, but fellow AP students as well.

Iris has managed to maintain a perfect 4.0 grade point average, all while balancing a rigorous class load, sports, National Honor Society and volunteering in the community at the public library and voting centers during elections.

Her AP teacher Andrew Sherer describes Iris as “the one student whose departure from Bonanza will leave this institution in a better place because of her efforts.”