19 May Star Grad-Green Valley High School

Green Valley High School is proud to announce its 2023 STAR Graduate, Lex de Asis. Though born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, an orthopedic impairment resulting in their having almost no movement in their arms and legs, Lex views the obstacles of living with their disability as opportunities for persistence and ingenuity. Lex has always challenged themself to learn in spite of what their IEP says, moving beyond limitations to create new capabilities. In childhood, Lex taught themself to write and draw by holding a pen between their teeth. In middle school, Lex taught themself to type using a homemade stylus. And in high school, Lex filled their schedule with AP and IB classes, challenging themself with the most demanding coursework GVHS offers. Lex earned spectacular grades while sustaining participation in clubs and a UNLV internship. Since their freshman year Lex has been vibrant and enthusiastic, filling classrooms with joy. While at Green Valley, Lex has quite literally made their teachers better by teaching them how to provide curriculum and cultivate the empathy necessary to plan lessons with the needs of all students in mind. Besides being both intelligent and creative (did I mention Lex designed the logo for our staff t-shirt under a 24-hour deadline?!), Lex is loyal and caring. They treat every person they encounter with dignity and respect, modeling positivity everywhere they roll. Lex defies all odds both in and out of a classroom, giving new meaning to the word “possible.”