12 May Star Grad-Desert Rose High School

Desert Rose is nominating Francisco Guzman as the 2023 Star Graduate from Desert Rose HS. At Desert Rose, we have a unique opportunity for motivated students to get a chance to work hard, plan their path, and graduate with an excellent education. Francisco displayed all of the characteristics of what a CCSD Star Graduate looks like. Showing up with a reason to be at school, planning his path to graduation, and attaining a quality education was a daily occurrence for Francisco Guzman. “Franny” made huge strides in becoming an academically excellent student, and he did so after overcoming several life challenges. Without a doubt, Francisco Guzman showed up each day with the heart of a lion to get an education, get his credits, get a diploma, make his family proud, and show everyone what a CCSD student can achieve. “Franny” showed up each day ready to discuss his future and his thoughts on life and was actively engaged in helping his classmates feel welcomed and safe enough to think about their own life decisions and education. Francisco Guzman is the Star Graduate of Desert Rose.