12 May Star Grad-Del Sol Academy

When Jayden Gude’s mother passed away during his freshman year, his world was shaken. Overwhelmed with grief, he missed half of his 10th-grade year and struggled to put his life back together. Jayden left California for Las Vegas and entered Del Sol Academy as a credit-deficient junior searching for a path forward. He quickly joined the Del Sol Dragons football team and found a sense of belonging. Jayden decided that living his life to the fullest was the greatest way to honor the memory of his mother. Jayden sought out help
from his school counselor to make a plan to get his academics back on track and to graduate on time. Through hard work and focus, Jayden found success in the classroom and on the field. Jayden is on track to graduate with the College and Career Ready
diploma and plans to study software engineering. Currently, he is being recruited for several NCAA football programs. Jayden has come a long way, and most shocking of all is that when he graduates in May, he will only be sixteen years old. Jayden Gude truly demonstrates excellence and a drive to succeed. His mother would be proud, and he is a source of inspiration to us all.