12 May Star Grad-CSN South High School

Amrita will be graduating this Fall with her Associate of Science Degree from the College of Southern Nevada in addition to the College and Career Ready Diploma. Amrita’s focus on education runs a very close second to her commitment to her family. She has had a hard path to learning resilience and strength, as her mom tragically died from cancer several years ago after a long battle, during which time, Amrita was one of her primary caregivers. She herself has endured years of debilitating illness, resulting in missed school and social activities. As she continues to process her grief, she continues to develop an admirable balance of work and passion, commitment and joy, so that they seamlessly flow into each other. Whether immersed in the hours of service she performs with our Student Council, or teaching kids to swim at our local community recreation center, this sweet-natured life-long learner has a wonderful sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge. We believe she can overcome any obstacle.