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04 Mar Update: information regarding student protests and walkouts

The following message was sent out to all parents in the Clark County School District:

Hello CCSD family,

This is the Clark County School District. We have received multiple questions from our community about CCSD’s policy regarding students who want to express their opinions on current political debates and the national conversation regarding school safety.

First, it is part of our job as educators to encourage students to be active participants in democracy. We support all students who are willing to take the time to research major issues in the news and express their opinions/advocate for what they think is right.

With that said, we also are legally obligated to ensure that students are safe during the school day, unless they have been excused to be absent by their parent/guardian. Under Nevada law – and because of our obligation to parents/guardians – we must report any student who does not attend school or walks out of school as unexcused.

Many students have approached our administrators to ask about how they can express their concerns in a respectful and safe manner, and we appreciate the maturity that these students have shown in working with us. Here is what we are telling them:

  • We want to educate students about the varied methods they can use to express their political opinions. We talk with students about how they can sign petitions, speak up on social media, and make statements to the media, when appropriate.
  • Some students have approached our administrators about organizing events on campus to talk about school safety. As long as our administrators pre-approve those events and the students remain safe and on campus, this is an appropriate way for students to express themselves.


Please refer students to their school administrators should they have questions.

Thank you.