19 Jul Joint Meeting of CCSD Board of Trustees and Clark County Commission July 18 Recap

Agenda Item 4 – Discuss the Open Schools – Open Doors Interlocal Agreement Between CCSD and Clark County

Both boards jointly discussed the Open Schools – Open Doors Agreement. The agreement would open portions of CCSD campuses to the public after school hours. As part of the agreement with Clark County, community members would be able to access school campuses during non-school hours.

Agenda Items 5 – 8  – Discuss Assembly Bill (AB 309) in relation to early childhood education, truancy reduction, adult education and recruitment or retention of licensed teachers for high-vacancy schools in CCSD

Trustees along with Superintendent Jara had a public dialogue with county commissioners about potential solutions to the issues of chronic absenteeism, Pre-kindergarten access and Career and Technical Education (CTE).

All three topics are benchmarks in CCSD’s five-year strategic plan Focus: 2024.

Chronic absenteeism was at 18.7 percent districtwide for the 2018-19 school year. That number is down 2 percent from the previous school year. A student is deemed chronically absent if they miss more than 10 percent of the days for which they are enrolled at the school, or about 18 days if they are enrolled for the entire school year. CCSD has set a goal to get the chronic absenteeism rate down to 16 percent or lower by 2024.

Commissioners also heard about the District’s efforts in offering more Pre-Kindergarten programs. CCSD currently has 208 self-contained Pre-K programs, 153 inclusion programs and 80 general education programs. Focus: 2024 makes it a priority for the District to increase early childhood opportunities to accelerate academic readiness for Kindergarten.

Both boards also jointly discussed efforts to retain teachers in high vacancy schools, as well as efforts to increase adult education efforts to include career and technical education options to ensure students are career ready.

Staff has been directed to provide updated information on these topics within two weeks to their respective boards.

CCSD and Clark County are separate legal entities with separate governing boards.

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