Setting the Record Straight: CCSD Hiring Standards

Setting the Record Straight: CCSD Hiring Standards

The District continues to be transparent and open with our community regarding the number of job vacancies that exist within CCSD. Human Resources staff work diligently with applicants to guide them through the application process and add missing details or update inadequate information needed in order to complete the application process.  

However, the District does have application process standards that every applicant must meet. It will not compromise these standards as those who have the privilege of serving the students of southern Nevada in our schools must earn that privilege. 

Below are the most common reasons that an applicant might not make it through the hiring process:

  • An applicant does not pass the needed criminal background checks 
  • An applicant does not meet the job requirements or does not provide proof that they have satisfied the requirements
  • The references listed by the applicant to confirm their previous work history and integrity do not return favorable recommendations for the applicant.

The human resources staff are available to guide applicants through the hiring process; however, we are not willing to compromise the hiring process to hire an individual that does not meet the qualifications needed for the position.

We are looking for qualified candidates, and we encourage those who meet the minimum requirements to apply online at