19 Jan emocha Health Employee Information

Representatives from emocha Health and Clark County School District staff will hold an information session for District staff to help answer questions about the mandatory daily health screening process.

*You can watch an archived copy of a previous webinar here
*This webinar was recorded on 3/12/2021, includes the district policies in place during the time of recording. Please refer to newsroom.ccsd.net/emocha for any updates to the policy or consult with your immediate supervisor. This webinar is for educational purposes only.

Get information about:

  • Symptom monitoring
  • What do the check-in badge colors mean?
  • What is emocha?
  • Where do I go for randomized testing?
  • And more…
Sessions are limited to 500 participants.
Sessions will be recorded for all employees to view.

emocha Health F.A.Q. Spotlight

I don’t have a smartphone, can I still participate?

Yes, you can still participate. If you do not have a smartphone, we offer a web-based check-in portal where you can submit your daily check-ins. You can access that link at https://checkin.emocha.com/ccsd. If an employee does not have access to technology, he/she should monitor his/her symptoms on a paper questionnaire at home. If the employee does not have access to technology outside of the worksite, and is not symptomatic, the employee may complete the emocha symptoms monitoring at the worksite immediately upon arrival. 

emocha Health Quick Links

emocha Web-Based registration support

*emocha Mobile Health registration support

*District staff can also register online without the mobile app.

emocha Health Digital Badge Guide

emocha Health F.A.Q’s

Employees Randomized Testing Locations and Times April 12 – April 23. (Updated PDF on 4/9/2021)