02 Oct CCSD update on latest offer to CCEA

In an effort to keep our southern Nevada community informed about the status of negotiations with CCEA, the local teachers union, the following is the latest update between the parties.

On Friday, the Clark County School District (CCSD) submitted its latest offer to the Clark County Education Association (CCEA). This offer included a first-year salary increase of 9% across the board, and our year two offer was increased to 3.3%. If the estimated SB 231 funds are applied, the second-year increase would be 8.4%, bringing the total CCSD offer to a 17.4% salary increase over the biennium.

At the start of negotiations, CCEA’s demands were for a first-year salary increase of 10% and a second-year salary increase of 8% for a total of 18%. Their most recent demand was for an 11.875% first-year salary increase and an 8% second-year salary increase, for a total increase of 19.875%.