CCSD thanks Governor Sisolak and legislators for increases in education funding

CCSD can provide employees an average 2 percent seniority increase plus a 3 percent cost of living increase with the passage of Senate Bill 551, Assembly Bill 309 and the other supplemental funding to the K-12 budget supported by Governor Sisolak, Speaker Frierson, Majority Leader Cannizzaro and legislators.

A revised version of SB 551 introduced June 2 allocates an additional $53 million over the biennium. This, combined with AB 309, which gives CCSD $13 million in flexible funding, plus the opportunity for additional funds through an optional county sales tax, means CCSD can provide the proposed raises.

“Nothing is more critical to student success than having a quality teacher in every classroom,” said Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara. “The Board of Trustees and I have said providing raises to all of our employees is a priority. We stand with Governor Sisolak and the Legislature in support of our educators.”

“My intention is to work with Trustees through our collective bargaining process to develop a plan to distribute those funds to all our employees,” Jara said. “Thanks to Governor Sisolak and legislative leaders, we look forward to providing our hardworking employees with an average of a five percent raise.”

The 2 percent increase is the average amount employees will receive by progressing on the salary schedule. Some employees are topped out on the salary schedule, and some get as much as a 5 percent increase, depending on their seniority.