15 May CCSD Reopening Our Schools Working Group provides update on first meeting

The Clark County School District’s (CCSD) Reopening Our Schools Working Group convened for the first time this week to set the groundwork. The working group will provide input that will inform CCSD’s plan for the reopening of schools in August 2020.

The guiding principles of the working group include:
● Ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and employees.
● Promoting equity and accessibility to learning for all students.
● Providing instructional delivery systems to meet the needs of all students.
● Fostering positive relationships and interactions.

The working group members will separate into subgroups to provide input aligned with
their role and to gather feedback from other individuals in similar roles.

Input from the greater community will also be gathered by distributing a short survey to
parents, staff and community members in the next few weeks.

The input of this working group is the first step in planning to reopen schools and will
follow this workflow:

1. Working Group
● Provide input that will inform planning from the beginning and facilitate the
work in subgroups.

2. School/Department subject matter experts
● Using input from the working group and subgroups, as well as individual
expertise and experience, refine plan options.

3. Unit Chiefs
● Present recommendations to CCSD Executive Cabinet and the

4. Executive Cabinet/ Superintendent
● Discuss recommendations for reopening schools.
● The Superintendent will share options and make a final recommendation
to the Board of School Trustees.

To learn more about CCSD, visit ccsd.net.