CCSD reimagining Office of Engagement

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is restructuring the Community Engagement Office to revitalize efforts to increase community and family outreach priorities in line with Focus: 2024, CCSD’s five-year strategic plan.

This effort comes on the heels of a community feedback process that gathered input from more than 15,000 families and community members. CCSD overwhelmingly heard that families want to be empowered to most effectively support their children’s academic success and social-emotional progress. Additionally, community leaders and businesses want to directly support initiatives in line with the District’s strategic plan and school improvement plans to maximize investments in our public schools.

During the transition, parents, families and community partners may experience some temporary changes in the way the Community Engagement Office operates as the District works to refocus efforts to directly support the needs of CCSD students, families and schools.

The reimagined Office of Engagement will continue to support the same stakeholders in ways that further engage the community and support sustained student growth and success.

  • Family Engagement Department (formerly known as FACES) – Empower families by providing increased digital resources and engaging families through increased home calls and visits.
  • Team Engagement Department – Set new customer service standards, strengthen internal communication and improve employee recognition programs to enhance school climate throughout the District.
  • Community Engagement Department (formerly known as Partnership) – Cultivate business and the community relationships that support student needs, school improvement plans and CCSD’s strategic plan. 
  • Engagement and Events Department – Manage specialized programs including Indian Education Opportunities Program, the Academic Support and Community Services, Safe Routes to School and major District-wide events.


This reimagining of the way the District engages with the community will empower educators and staff to engage directly with their school communities in support of their students. 

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