CCSD enters into MOU with Nevada System of Higher Education to promote a strategic partnership for college and career readiness

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees voted 6-0 with one abstention (due to a possible conflict of interest) at its Jan. 10 meeting, to enter into a new partnership with the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to collaborate and improve college and career readiness.

The new partnership will focus on strategies to increase dual credit coursework, better prepare students for the jobs needed today, and reduce the need for remedial education. The partnership will focus on:

Increasing dual credit:

  • Develop additional dual credit programs for high school students to earn credit toward their K-12 diploma while also earning credit for their postsecondary education
  • Address barriers to student participation in dual credit courses and programs, which include location of classes, transportation to classes, and funding of the courses
  • Explore dual credit “academies” in high-need areas such as HVAC technicians, manufacturing, IT and cybersecurity, and health care
  • Create strategies so that all students have access to dual credit, regardless of socioeconomic background
  • Align CCSD International Baccalaureate coursework to NSHE requirements
  • Ensure CCSD students who earn a 3 or higher on Advanced Placement exams earn postsecondary credit

Increasing workforce and career preparation:

  • Expand Career and Technology Education programs within CCSD that are also recognized for credit at NSHE in high-need areas such as health care and information technology
  • Develop additional career counseling and training in “soft skills” such as teamwork and leadership

Decreasing the need for remedial education:

  • Identify CCSD students based on their American College Testing (ACT) scores to receive extra support in high school so they do not need remediation in their postsecondary work
  • NSHE will assist CCSD with reviewing high school curriculum in math and English to ensure CCSD is preparing students for college-level coursework

This agreement between both parties will be in effect through January 2021. The memorandum of understanding outlining the partnership can be viewed at this link.