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15 Sep CCSD Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week

October 19-23 is National School Bus Safety Week

CCSD Transportation maintains the largest owned-operated school bus fleet in the country. That is why it is important for drivers in southern Nevada to recognize the importance of School Bus Safety every day of the year. 

CCSD transportation facts:
The Clark County School District encompasses 7,910 square miles
  • 1,816 total buses
  • 133,825 eligible bus riders
  • 31,284 total bus stops
  • 12,447 children receive specialized curb-to-curb service
  • 18,001,812 million miles were traveled in the 2019-20 school year
Interesting School Bus Facts
  • Some of the first school buses were horse drawn wagons
  • School buses in the 1920’s had curtains instead of glass for the passenger windows
  • U.S. school buses have been yellow since 1977
  • Each school bus route eliminates up to 36 cars from the road, allowing for quicker commutes